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 Reviews of Leptoconnect

Leptin is a hormone that regulates your appetite and the percentage of body fat in your body. It acts as a "lipostat," that is, when the amount of fat stored in adipocytes increases, leptin is released into the bloodstream, informing the hypothalamus and endocrine mechanisms being activated to reduce appetite. With the discovery of leptin in 1994, research began on the hormonal mechanisms involved in appetite regulation, food consumption, storage in adipose tissue, and the development of insulin resistance.

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The leptin is a protein which was identified approximately 20 years ago, but discovered years ago when a mutation in rodents caused hyperphagia (good appetite), lethargy, and mild hyperglycemia obesity because of the lack of this hormone was observed. Its name derives from the Greek "leptos" which means slim because it was initially considered an anti-obesity hormone , but today it is known that it has many other functions in our body and that it is not only released in adipose tissue although it is its main place of production, but also originates from the placenta and stomach.


These mechanisms that reduce hunger are: the suppression of orexigenic peptides, the increase in energy expenditure, by activating basal metabolism and body temperature (thus burning energy reserves), the reduction of lipogenesis (the formation of new fats), activation of lipolysis of triglycerides and beta oxidation of the resulting fatty acids. The functioning of leptin is actually negative feedback, that is, when the hypothalamus detects enough fat reserves, it inhibits intake and anabolism (the formation of new ones) and activates catabolism (the metabolization of existing ones to produce energy).

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